If I wait to take pictures so that I only capture the exciting, the memorable, the worth-looking-at, then I will never take any at all. Life is, after all, more mundane than exciting; more ordinary than extraordinary; more to be savoured moment-by-moment than endured for the next great excitement. And so I post here both mundane and memorable, as they come my way.

27 February 2007


Here we have it, quilts #3 & 4. I admit that they are getting (a bit) easier; turns out I am learning how to do this as I go along. These are checkerboard quilts, as was the last one (my first quilt was a nine-patch, which I made for my sister's 21st birthday). Admittedly, the checkerboard is about the easiest quilt on the planet to make, and the nine-patch is probably second easiest, but at this point I don't care. I can get to complicated later on.

Anyway, this one is for a wee girl at church. The top is from the same materials I used for my last one, so it's nothing exciting, but the backing I bought just for this quilt-- and I quite like it. This quilt is fun on both sides.

And this slightly more manly quilt is for the wee girl's brother (didn't want to leave him out). This is the first time I've sewn with denim, apart from occasionally mending some jeans, so it was a new experience. I was quite pleased with this one.

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