If I wait to take pictures so that I only capture the exciting, the memorable, the worth-looking-at, then I will never take any at all. Life is, after all, more mundane than exciting; more ordinary than extraordinary; more to be savoured moment-by-moment than endured for the next great excitement. And so I post here both mundane and memorable, as they come my way.

31 January 2007

Who am I?

I have no idea what species of waterfowl this particular bird is. If anyone knows, feel free to enlighten me. I've seen a few of them around the playa lake before, but this is the largest one I've seen thus far.


Ackworth Born said...

I think it is some kind of crane!

Tony Morris said...

Not a Crane but a Great Blue Heron

Su said...

Ah. I never would have guessed that! Well, last winter there were tons of small ones around-- I don't know where they all went, but this one is still here!