If I wait to take pictures so that I only capture the exciting, the memorable, the worth-looking-at, then I will never take any at all. Life is, after all, more mundane than exciting; more ordinary than extraordinary; more to be savoured moment-by-moment than endured for the next great excitement. And so I post here both mundane and memorable, as they come my way.

27 January 2007

Fly away! Fly away!

I thought about posting this picture in black-and-white, since there is no colour in it to speak of anyway. But I'm not sure how to do that without giving myself a serious headache. I'm sure there is a nice widget (or whatever they are called) somewhere on the internet to do it easily, but I don't have it yet. Anyway! I admit that Chad and I scared these particular geese on purpose to get them to fly a bit, so that I could get this picture. Unfortunately, the goose that tried to make a snack out of my leg last winter is not among this group, so I can't even call it revenge. Regardless of my evil intent, I do like watching geese whatever they are doing-- flying, swimming, landing, or in this case, running for their lives.

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