If I wait to take pictures so that I only capture the exciting, the memorable, the worth-looking-at, then I will never take any at all. Life is, after all, more mundane than exciting; more ordinary than extraordinary; more to be savoured moment-by-moment than endured for the next great excitement. And so I post here both mundane and memorable, as they come my way.

11 September 2006


The airplane that took us from Lubbock to Houston.

This is what Chad and I look like when we're bored in an airport.

And this is what we look like early in the morning, in an airplane over the Atlantic ocean.


Anonymous said...

I'm jealous!


ps. keep the pictures of the cities coming : )

Anonymous said...

Great pics Susan, but where am I? Terrible! Also, that's not a Scottish police car, that's a paramedic car! John W